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Online help systems are listed below by product and user role, where applicable. Select the link that most closely matches your product and role-based tasks.*

For example, if you are a System Administrator (also known as "Admin" or "Super Admin") for DataManager, select the Account Holder or Admin link under the DataManager heading. This system contains topics that pertain exclusively to DataManager Admins. It also contains topics and procedures that Admins as well as other roles can perform (such as running reports).

If you are a clinician administering the WJ IV or a related assessment, select Online Scoring and Reporting to view information related to that application, which facilitates data input and management and provides reporting for your online tasks.

Battelle Developmental Inventory (BDI-2 NU)

All roles

DataManager *   

All Roles

Account Holder or Admin




easyCBM *


District- or Building-level user


Online Barcode Ordering


Online Scoring and Reporting

All roles


* If you don't know your role, select the link that best describes the scope of your work.


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