Adding Caseload Folders

You may add as many caseload folders as necessary with no limit to the number of examinees you may add to a folder.

To add a caseload folder:

1.    Select the Main Menu icon () in the upper left corner of the page and in the Caseload Folders section, select Add Caseload Folder.

The Add Caseload Folders page appears.

2.    Tap in the Caseload Folder Name box and type a name for the caseload folder. The caseload folder name must be unique within your organization and may be up to 100 characters in length. You may use any combination of the following characters:



       Blanks, dashes/hyphens, and underscores

3.    Tap Save. A confirmation message appears and informs you that the caseload folder has been successfully added.

4.    Tap OK. A list of all your caseload folders, including the newly added folder appears.