Editing Caseload Folders

You can edit caseload folders that you have added or for which you are a shared user with editing permission.

To edit a caseload folder:

1.    Locate the caseload folder to be edited.

2.    On the line containing the folder to be edited, do one of the following:

       On an iOS device, swipe left at the blue bar located at the end of the row to reveal options.

       On an Android device, tap and hold down on the pointer icon to reveal options.

3.    To edit the caseload folder name, do the following:

a.    Tap Edit Title. A dialog box opens.

b.    Tap the line containing the caseload folder name, type a new name for the folder, and tap Save. A confirmation message appears and informs you that the folder has been successfully edited.

c.     Tap OK. The dialog box closes.

4.    To open the caseload folder, tap Open Folder. The My Recent Examinees page appears listing all the examinees in the selected caseload folder.