Student rosters are exceptionally fluid entities, especially at the beginning of a new school year. Elevate includes a number of rules on when and how to handle roster changes during testing (to keep up with mobility), while providing as a “snapshot in time” when testing is completed (to serve as a stable system of record for assessment results used for high stakes decision making). Review this topic to understand how changes to roster data impact test assignments, demographic profiles, and student results in reporting.

Basic Mobility Rules 

While a test assignment is open, rosters are updated with changes you make, and those changes propagate throughout the application. Here are some examples: 

Name updates—basic first name and last name changes are processed for students and for educators.

Enrollment updates—if students or educators are assigned to one class section or school on one day and then a different class section or school the next day, those changes will be reflected through Elevate. Score reports reflect different class/school rosters, different class/school averages, aggregate counts, etc. User search also reflects these different enrollment affiliations. For adults, this may update the domain of data that is view-able in the platform; for example, can view students from one class on one day, and another class (but not the first) the next day.

Demographic Updates—if student demographics are updated, those changes also propagate throughout the application. When filters for demographics like gender are applied, those filters return updated counts and average/aggregate scores. If a student’s birthday or grade is changed during testing, this facilitates a re-score of that student’s test record. Their scores change based on their updated age and grade. For this reason, exercise caution with student date of birth or grade updates. They update scores at both student and group levels.

Deletes—when students are deleted, their accounts are de-activated, and their scores are removed from score reports. They do not appear in class rosters, averages, or aggregate reports. They remain searchable through user search, and their individual scores are still viewable on their portfolio page. When educators are deleted, they are completely removed from the application.

Advanced Mobility Rules 

Once a test assignment is closed, rosters are updated with changes you make, but only certain changes are propagated throughout the application and into reporting. Each users’ current demographic profile always updates, but scores from previously completed, closed assignments are not necessarily updated. This is to ensure that your score reports provide an accurate system of record for students, classes, and schools. Applying certain changes to closed test assignments, especially those from prior years, would mean ever-changing score reports as students are enrolled in different classes, grow older and are promoted to new grades.  

Changes that propagate into reporting after an assignment is closed.

Student Date of Birth: Date of birth corrections made within a school year mean that the original age-based scores may not be accurate. If a date of birth change is processed, check test scores for the corresponding students because their scores will change. This is especially important if a student is right around the cut point used for an eligibility decision.

Student Grade: Like date of birth, a grade change made midyear is presumed to be a correction of a prior mistake. Check updated test scores after the grade change is made.

School and District name updates: Also presumed to be a mistake given the relative stability of school and district names, these changes will be processed to closed test assignments.

Changes that do not propagate into reporting after an assignment is closed.

Name updates

Enrollment updates

Demographic updates


sticky_note_2 Note: If you’d like to update any of these variables after an assignment is closed, simply re-open the assignment, process the updates, and then close the assignment. You can read more about re-opening assignments here.