Edit Child Records

To edit a child's record:

1.    Use the Child - Search and Manage page to find the record of the child whose information you need to edit. See Searching Child Records for detailed instructions.

2.    Click the Edit button (_img87) in the row of the record you want to edit. The Add/Edit Child page opens with information for the child.

3.    Type or select the edits you need to make in the fields provided.

4.    To assign a child to a new location, in the Assign Child section:

a.    Click the drop-down hierarchy list and select a new location (at the lowest level of the hierarchy). The Assign button for the School Summary box becomes active.

b.    Select the Assign button. The location name appears in the School Summary box. Classes available for this location appear in the Class box under the Available heading.

c.    Select one or more classes from the Available box and click the Assign button to move them to the Assigned box. A summary appears in the Class Summary box for each group you select.

5.    To unassign a child from a location, find the assigned location in the lowest-level box, select the location name, and click the Unassign button.

6.    After making all of your changes, click Save to save the child record. (Click Cancel to close the page without saving changes to the child record.)