Viewing My Recent Examinees

Note: If you have selected not to show the Getting Started page on login, then the My Recent Examinees page is the first page you see when you log in to WJ IV Mobile Scoring and Reporting.

On the My Recent Examinees page, you can do the following:

       Tap an examinee name to open the Examinee Information page, which provides basic examinee information and the test records associated with the examinee.

       Do one of the following to reveal and perform actions for an examinee, including Edit or Add Test:

      On an iOS device, swipe left at the blue bar located at the end of the row and select one of the available actions.

      On an Android device, tap and hold down on the pointer icon and select one of the available actions.

To return to the Main Menu:

       Tap the Main Menu icon () in the upper left corner of a page. The Main Menu appears with a list of options.

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