About Setting Up Staff/Users

You must log on as the Account Holder or a System Administrator to set up staff using the file upload method.

Before staff members and teachers can use DataManager, you must set up a profile for each user. The profile contains identification information such as first and last names and e-mail addresses. The profile links each user to one or more locations and assigns each user a role, such as Administrator, Teacher, or Proctor. For more information about roles, see Roles and Permissions.

Adding Users to DataManager

There are two methods to add users to DataManager:

     Upload a user data file that is created from the Staff/User File Template

     Manually enter user data directly into DataManager

Users assigned to a location have permission to access data for that location and any locations organized below that location in the hierarchy. For example, a building principal may view reports only for their school building, the classes within their school building, and the students within their school building. Likewise, a classroom teacher may view reports only for their class and the students within their class.

In order for Riverside to import your staff/user data into DataManager, you must supply a properly formatted data file in comma-separated values (.csv) format. The DataManager Staff/User File Template is a Microsoft Excel® spreadsheet that will assist you in creating a properly formatted data file.

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